• Phu Quoc Island - Vietnam

    Phu Quoc Island - Vietnam

    Go Phu Quoc island you should not miss a day or 2 cruise trip to the most charming beaches in South East Asia, walking under emerald water, snorkeling, diving to beautiful coral reefs. Do not wait to come best time Oct - Apr yearly.
  • King of music in Vietnam

    King of music in Vietnam

    For anyone who interested in music and a great music instrument collection in Vietnam
  • A journey to Halong Bay

    A journey to Halong Bay

    Halong Bay - Wonder of the World, a true beauty and an absolute must-do for every Asia traveler! Read about my trip to this unique place, culinary try-outs and an intense cultural experience!

    As one of the highlights of my Vietnam stay I went on a Jewel Tours trip to Halong Bay on 26th May. I have been to almost all well-known tourist destinations in the country but this one still had me the most excited: driving through the countless isles of Halong Bay, wonder of the world. I traveled with a small group of internationals that had also booked via Jewel Tours – it was a really fun group, I’m so glad I met them. First stop on our trip to Halong was the mighty Côn Sơn Pagoda, one of Vietnam’s largest temple complexes. It was an incredibly impressing experience walking through the huge golden rooms that were covered in ancient paintings and big Buddha statues
  • From Vietnam to Thailand – Highlights on every step

    From Vietnam to Thailand – Highlights on every step

    17 days, 3 countries, 4 beautiful beaches, 3 capitals, swamp, mountains, islands and historical sites – my journey through one of Indochina’s most exciting regions had everything a traveler can dream of. Working as an intern at Jewel Tours, I, a 24-year old German was assigned to check travel destinations for what the company stands for: quality, authenticity and local experience. From Saigon to Bangkok, passing Vietnam’s Mekong Delta and marvelous Phu Quoc Island, Cambodia’s Sihanouk Ville, Phnom Penh and the ancient Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, and finally Thailand’s paradise islands Krabi and Koh Lanta. A new highlight with every step!
  • A journey to Sapa’s mountains, rice fields and hill tribes

    A journey to Sapa’s mountains, rice fields and hill tribes

    Sapa – a place every Vietnam seeker has to have been to. A place full of mysteries covered in early morning fog, vast mountains casting their shadows over deep valleys and colorful rice fields decorating the hillsides. Homeland to indigenous tribes, by the Vietnamese fondly called ‘minority people’, this place is made for those seeking earnest travel experiences and authentic encounters.

  • Trip to Nam Cat Tien National Park

    Trip to Nam Cat Tien National Park

    Nam Cat Tien National Park is located in the transition zone between Vietnam’s Truong Son Mountain Range (the highlands) and Mekong Delta. The unique location bring existence of 5 different forest types within the park, amazing range of plants and animals. There are many endemic species of plants and animals and the park is a refuge for species which used to be widespread but now seek shelter within this special protected area.
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